Trademarks Related Services




Our team help and advise the clients regarding the best and most effective Anti-Counterfeit strategies as we have professional investigators, also, we cooperate with the governmental entities such as the Customs and Criminal Investigation Departments to achieve a cost-effective and the most practical resolutions and advice regarding the appropriate legal actions to be taken.

Trademark Watch

Monitoring all trademark filings in the MENA region.

How would you detect a trademark infringement   or an unlawful registration attempt of your famous brand?

Through our elite team and their ongoing detailed trademark watching, our team monitors all the filing behaviors of trademarks around the MENA region in order not to miss any opposition deadline and to be able to act quickly against any infringing attempt of your intellectual property.

Your intellectual property rights demand the best protection, you can trust our team with delivering the required information in timely manners, our watch notice services insure abolishing the risk of lost revenues because of two trademark infringement or unlawful registration by a third party.

Market Investigation

Tackling IP infringements and preparing market reports for brands.

How would you tackle the infringement or counterfeits of your brand or product in the market?

We have a special trained market investigation team, who are trained to swipe the market for favor of detecting lookalikes and copycats of your brands in the market. We can conduct market in-depth investigations to tackle any suspected abuse of your intellectual property rights or others engaging in unfair competition.

Also, we have special trained investigators who tackle such infringements online, through online market search on local pages or applications. Trust us with providing you with your desirable report of trademark investigation and market watch of your Intellectual property.